Please note that the DSC does not guarantee library performance of customer-prepared libraries (this includes CRISPR libraries), custom sequencing protocols, nor do we guarantee the performance of challenging samples (high GC/AT content, surpassing 70%), low-diversity samples, and generally all those considered a challenge for the current Illumina sequencing technology. 

It is essential that the customer reports the complexity and GC content for all samples at the time of sample submission (instructions can be found on the Sample Submission Form). This information is essential for the choice of sequencing platform and run parameters. Of all the current Illumina sequencing platforms, MiSeq and HiSeq systems are best suited (to a degree) for sequencing of challenging and low-complexity samples. Please note that we reserve the right to switch sequencing platforms from what was originally agreed upon, and to increase the complexity of your samples with the addition of high-complexity spike-ins (in both cases significant additional costs may incur).

Additional costs that result from a failure to disclose the nature of samples resulting in run failure will be passed on to the customer.