1. Obtain quotation (email us:
  2. (External customers only) Obtain a purchase order (PO) from your institutions’ finance department (lab-generated POs are not accepted)
  3. Ensure that your account with us is in good standing
    1. Outstanding accounts (> $10k, and those that have been outstanding for more than three months) will not be serviced until the debt is cleared in full
  4. Review sample requirements and ensure that you are sending appropriate amounts of high-quality, pure material
  5. Ensure that all samples are appropriately labeled
    1. top and tube sides must include: last name of lead PI, sample ID and date of extraction or shipment at a minimum (it is important that all samples sent in a single batch have the same date on the side of the tube)
    2. Ensure that tube labels sync with sample IDs on the Sample Submission Form
  6. Include sufficient dry ice for international shipping (ship no later than Tuesday for custom clearance)
  7. Email Sample Submission Form to the DSC prior to shipment
    1. Include your institutions Finance Officer contact on the form
    2. Include your quote number and your PO number on the form
    3. Include shipment tracking number on the form
    4. Include your Basespace account if applicable (accounts up to 1TB are free)
    5. Save the Sample Submission Form as follows: yy_mm_dd_PILastName_PIFirstName_NumOfSamples_seqApp
      1. example: 17_10_15_Blencowe_Ben_8_mRNAseq

Attn: Tanja Durbic / Graham O’Hanlon
University of Toronto
Donnelly Sequencing Centre
160 College Street, Rm 643
Toronto, ON, M5S 3E2